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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Getting to know Patch Pup

Welcome to a new feature that we hope you enjoy.
Some contributors have agreed to answer some questions so that we may get to know these show offs a bit better. Today is the turn of

How do you like to show off?
Mainly online in pics or videosits easier to feel able to show off online than in person when you are shy/anxious.

What do you enjoy about showing off?
Knowing that you are hopefully making someone smile.

Do you prefer to show off naked or in underwear?
Happy with either.
What are your favourite type of underwear?
Jocks, fitted boxers/shorts.

What do you usually wear as everyday wear?
Something that holds it in place.

What was the last pair you bought?
One of my Bfs usually buys me mine.

What part of your body is your favourite?
My feet.

What is your naughtiest ever moment?
Oh Im not sure I can say.  Something in public.

What is the largest number of people you have been naked in front of?
As much as i can remember i think it was 7.

Finally, describe yourself in three words.
Mischievous, affectionate, puppy.

If you would like to do the GETTING TO KNOW YOU FEATURE, simply email
and the details will be forwarded to you. 


  1. Great answers. Pity we never got to know about your naughtiest moment lol

  2. Great pics and a very interesting read

  3. Great shots Patch Pup. Love the boots and jock!

  4. Hot guy. Perfect dick. I want to see more pictures of you.
    \\Polar fox from Sweden


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