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Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Same Jock

For the next few weeks, you may experience some deja vu as the blog guys will be wearing the same style of jock, just variation in colours! Today is the turn of Hot Laddy who is really filling that pouch!. 

Remember if you would like to appear here too, all you need to do is send in pics with your name to

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  1. Fantastic first picture. You can swuat down over me like that any day you want!

  2. That last picture is AMAZING!

  3. Loving the last picture. You look ready for some action! Stay right there and I’ll be right over!

  4. Loved it when you teased the jocks down and gave a glimpse of what looks to be a rather nice thick cock!

  5. That last shot is so inviting

  6. I have something you can squat down onto!


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