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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Bunker Review - Parking Jock

So today is another review of a pair from Bunker!
This time it's the Parking Jock.

When I saw the package, I instantly liked the colour. 

The material is nice too - all the little holes make it a nice cool jock to wear. Great for work outs - may need to try it out in a physically active environment.

The fit and feel is great and may even go as far as saying that this is one of the most comfortable jocks I've ever tried. The soft feel and comfortable straps made it a pleasure to wear all day.

So yes, I would thoroughly recommend this jock! 


  1. They look like a nice jock. Must look into this brand

  2. They look really good!

  3. Nice cock, looks like a good fit on you

  4. Mmmmmm, I want one!

  5. Awesome pants and review is so positive, will look into them

  6. Looks like a great fitting jock

  7. Loving the pics. Looks like it hugged your bulge really well.

  8. Wow, hot jock


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